Sealskin and ethics

All sealskins used by Mette Kristensen Design come from a sustainable source and have been imported to Europe from Greenland. All sealskins are accuired from Great Greenland. The sealskins are bought from Greenlandic hunters, who usually hunt seals alone, either by boat or by dog sled. The purpose of seal hunting is to gather meat, which is an important food source for many Greenlandic families. The skin is a by-product. The seals live in the wild and are not kept in captivity.
During recent years, Greenlandic hunters have experienced a difficult time due to many misconseptions concerning the ethics involving the use of sealskins. However, the Inuit exception, provided by the EU, allows the trade of sealskins stemming from traditional Inuit hunters, and the income from the sales supports the continued existence of the hunter communities.
We believe that sealskin is a wonderful material, which should be put to good use, instead of being thrown out or stored in large warehouses. You are always welcome to participate in the debate and ask questions at the bottom of this page.
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